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Opening your pool in the spring - Much confusion reigns over when and how to open a swimming pool in the spring. Hopefully, I can help simplify the matter with a few tips. I will outline in order of preference the steps for opening your pool and enjoying a clear and sparkling pool for the whole summer.

Dogs - Dogs have been domesticated for most of human history and have thus endeared themselves to many over the years. Stories have been told about brave dogs that served admirably in war or that risked their lives to save persons in danger. When Pompeii--the Roman community destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in AD 79--was finally excavated, searchers found evidence of a dog lying across a child, apparently trying to protect the youngster. Perhaps few of the millions of dogs in the world may be so heroic, but they are still a source of genuine delight to their owners.

Cats - Today, the domestic cat (house cat) is second only to the dog in popularity as a house pet. No one knows exactly how many domestic cats there are in the United States, but researchers estimate that more than 30 million are owned as pets.  There is no way to estimate the numbers of homeless cats that roam about freely as feral animals (those that had been tame but have returned to living in a wild state). There probably are many millions of such cats wandering about in the streets and alleys of cities and towns across the country.

Chili Recipies - A ton of great recipies for making chili!!

Fish - Fish are cold-blooded aquatic animals with backbones, gills, and fins. Most fishes are torpedo-shaped (fusiform) for efficient travel through water, but much variation occurs, from flattened and rounded, as in flounders, to vertical and angular, as in sea horses.

Frogs - Four hundred million years ago the most advanced forms of life on Earth, the fishes, lived in the water. Plants and insects alone occupied the land until the appearance of the amphibians more than 350 million years ago.

Searching for a Job - The Net has made job searching easier than ever, but it doesn't stop there. With just a few mouse clicks, you'll find tips for choosing the right career, writing winning résumés and cover letters, successfully interviewing, and everything else associated with landing a job.  But it's not magic. Although the Net lays it all out in front of you, it doesn't land the job for you. Using the Net takes due diligence and hard work, as does any other method.

Magic - For thousands of years it was believed that magicians or sorcerers were able, by use of supernatural powers, to gain control over natural forces. Magic was, therefore, closely allied with religion. A king's personal magicians were supposedly able to make it rain, ward off enemies, prevent and cure diseases, cast spells on an invading army, and most significantly gain the favor of the gods.

Coliform Coliform Bacteria Typically, groundwater is naturally clean and safe for consumption. Because the overlying soil acts as a filter, groundwater is usually free of disease-causing microorganisms. However, contamination may occur following improper installation of well casings or caps, after a break in the casing or as a result of contaminated surface water entering the well.

Solar Panel Directory When the electrical utility bill is increasing each and every month you can do a few things. You can cry and pull out your hair; refuse to pay and get cut off and have no utilities; you could work harder and more hours each month to keep up the rising costs; or you could invest in other alternative sources of energy to cut the electrical utility bill.

Science Projects There are usually five different kinds of science projects.  Make sure your project is the correct type for your school science fair. Most fairs want you to do an experiment, which means your project must follow the scientific method. Make sure you don't turn your project into a demonstration or a model if these are not allowed.

Alidades and Plane Table - For Sale

How to Grow Tomatoes - Great guide for growing tomatoes from start to finish



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